Facebook advertising began offering virtual installation

Over the last few years, Facebook has been actively exploring the possibilities of expanded reality (Augmented Reality or AR) in internet marketing. One of the results of this work is the creation of advertising newsletters AR posts. This summer access to testing the new service will get a number of big brands.

The first access to Facebook's AR ad was given to Michael Corse's clothing brand. The statement they gave from the company allowed users to use "front camera" to "stick to" different eyewear models and immediately order them for purchase.

Such an active interest in the improved reality is due to a good performance that shows AR elements in Facebook Messenger. Big companies (such as Kia and Asus), using the improved Facebook Messenger reality for their advertising campaigns, have improved their performance.

Therefore, moving the AR advertisement into the social networking information feed seems quite logical. This summer, however, access to the service will receive a limited number of brands. These are:


NYX Professional Makeup

Bobbi Brown

Pottery Barn

Wayfair and King

Facebook's management promises to expand this list by the end of 2018, but without specifying dates.

A good bonus for companies included in the list as testers will be the opportunity to test the video creation tool, a tool to create short image-based video ads and the capabilities of a regular editor, which can then be posted on Facebook messages in Facebook as well as in Instagram. Production has to produce short ads, very similar to animated GIF images.

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